Program Highlights:

  • Insight into Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Understanding of urban complexity
  • Architecture walk between history and modernity
  • Certificate from Politecnico di Milano with ECTS points. (credit pts).

The Program is titled:

“ MILANO- Discovering through experience”

Recently, we have signed a MoU with Politecnico di Milano, regarding Architectural Workshops & Study Abroad Programs. As per Q S ranking , it is world’s 15th ranked Architectural Institute.

It would be a great opportunity & experience for the students to get an insight into Architecture & Urban Planning  of Milan & interact with the Architectural faculty & take lessons from them during the workshop along with local sightseeing.

This program of weekly workshops on architectural and urban thematic. The city of MILAN, with its long history and urban complexity become the working site to develop common consciousness together with specialists and teachers. MILAN represents reference for most European cities. The workshop will join guided architecture walks with laboratory’s specific exercise and lessons under the guide of expert teachers to allow the participants an intense and fruitful experience. Students will be getting a Certificate from Politecnico di Milano with ECTS points. (credit pts). It will be additional benefit in future for securing job or for post graduation studies/internships

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