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UA-Model United Nations Conference (Geneva)

Program Dates: 14th April – 21st April 2018

  • 15th and 16th April – Training workshop
  • 17th to 20th April – Conference

MUN Conference in Geneva (UA-MUNC) is the world’s most authentic, accurate, cutting-edge, and F.U.N. simulation of the United Nations. It follows the most recent version of UN4MUN, the UN-accredited Model UN platform created to provide an accurate simulation of the United Nations.
For the first time, it is introducing new committees to the UN4MUN platform developed in direct collaboration with the United Nations.

UA-MUNC Geneva 2018 Theme: Conflict prevention, disaster relief, and solidifying efforts towards maintaining international peace & security on the road to sustainable global development.

The conference welcomes students aged 14-29 in high-school/ university.
This is currently the only UN4MUN conference taking place at the United Nations in Geneva.
For the first time in UN4MUN history, UA-MUNC is introducing the world’s most accurate simulation of the International Court of Justice, the Economic and Social Council, as well as the General Assembly and Security Council. Developed in direct consultation with relevant UN experts from each of the main organs simulated

What is Model United Nations

  • Model United Nations
  • It is an educational, extra-curricular activity, in which participants role play as Ambassadors to the UN, in a simulation of a meeting, of one of the main bodies, or sub-committees of the UN.  MUN Simulations can also be a regional body, or political organization, like the League of Arab States, or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In such a case, the name of the activity reflects the body that is being represented. eg: Model Arab League, Model European Parliament, etc
  • Who Participates in MUN?
  • Participants of an MUN conference mainly comprise of school or university students. MUN clubs are usually fully student led, and in many cases, an adviser appointed by the school or university is available to oversee the activity from a high level and facilitate communication between the student activity and faculty/ administration
  • Where do Model UN Conferences take place?
  • MUN conferences are distributed all around the world. Over 400 conferences are currently being reported in over 60 countries worldwide, and well over 600,000 students participate in MUN activities every year. Today, MUN is considered to be one of the most popular and vastly growing student & educational activities on an international level and is only expected to witness growing success in the coming years

The Benefits of Participation in Model United Nations

  1. Developing Lifelong Skills
  • MUN develops every possible aspect of your skill set, the least of which are public speaking, expressiveness, negotiation, debating, advanced research, critical analysis, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, as well as project management, leadership and most importantly, the art of diplomacy.
  1. Added Qualification for College and Career
  • MUN graduates frequently report that advanced MUN experiences during years of study gave them an added advantage amidst competitive college applications, and later served as a qualification that enabled them not only to land their first job but progress better in their early career
  1. The Globally Dispersed Friends and Community.
  • MUN Clubs are usually very close communities, and International MUN conferences give you access to friends all around the world

Top reasons to attend UA-MUNC Geneva 2018

  1. Get to experience of Real United Nations
    • UN4MUN Procedure.
    • UN4MUN Training
    • Meet UN Speakers.
  2. Experience Beautiful Geneva.
  3. Critical Theme and Engaging Topics
  4. Conference Awards!
  5. Recognized Certification.
  6. Delegates can lead (and chair)!
  7. Rewarding, challenging simulation.
  8. Inter-cultural dialogue and International friendships.
  • Program A : Conference & Workshop 7 nights / 8 days
  • Program B : Conference & Workshop+ Paris+ Brussels 11 nights / 12 days

Academic visits

  • Participating students from India will get opportunity to interact with officials from Permanent Mission of India to the UN , Geneva
  • In add on visit to Brussels students will have opportunity to officially visit European Union Parliament.

Leisure sightseeing for Program B

  • Brussels – Atomium + Grand Place + Sacred Basilica
  • Paris – Eiffel Tower + River Seine cruise + Notre Dame Cathedral + Full day Euro Disney with entry for two parks.
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